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100% Legal Blends

We are proud to offer truly unique herbal incense/potpourri blends that do not contain any JWH's, AM's, HU's, CP's, analogs or any other federally banned/illegal substances.

We use only the freshest organically grown herbs that we have imported directly to our facility from growers all over the world. We spend hours on end destemming our herbs because we are dedicated to providing you with smooth-burning, stem-free, perfectly manicured herbal blends.

100% Satisfaction, Guaranteed!

When you order from us, you can be confident in knowing that hours of hard work have gone into making the herbal incense/potpourri you are about to enjoy. We take every necessary action to guarantee as fine of a product as possible and, in production, do not sacrifice quality for ease.

All of our product is produced in a sterile working environment in which hair nets, latex gloves, cough masks, and alcohol/UV sterilization are just a few of the steps we take to guarantee an endeniably pure product, free of any stems, seeds, dog/cat/human hairs, or any other foreign matter.

What you will receive is nothing short of the most quality herbal incense/potpourri that will produce only the richest aromas. The consistency of the herbal incense/potpourri that you will soon enjoy is a beautiful fluffiness that feels as smooth between your fingers as the aroma that it gives.

100% High-Quality Blends!

The proprietary ingredients that we use are what make our herbal blends so uniquely aromatic and is what sets our products apart from all other types of herbal incense/potpourri on the market. We are a name known not just for high-quality product, but consistently high-quality product since 2010. The amount of business that we have been fortunate enough to have received is a testament to our success in the herbal incense/potpourri industry.

Order from us today and be one of the growing number of people that do the same thing every single day!