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We no longer offer samples.

Familiarize yourself with our website and payment/shipping
details BEFORE you place an order to ensure that your
order gets fulfilled in a prompt manner.

What's New?

We will be restocking our solid incense soon.

We will also be releasing new liquid incense
ETA: July 2015

Ethnobotanicals listed as "coming soon" will be up
for sale as soon as we configure the shop pages.

FHI is all about that "base".
All of our herbal incense blends are crafted with fresh, fluffy
raspberry leaf accented with calendula petals only after hours
have been spent destemming and cleaning out all dust/debris.

Beautiful fluffy blends

FHI produces the best solid incense available on the market.
Our solids are made using a proprietary method and then pressed into mini pucks. 

Beautiful pressed solids