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UPDATE: Wednesday, January 14th

We are back in stock!

We apologize for being out of stock for as long as we were.
We had no control over the situation, but we are glad
that everything has been figured out and that we're
ready to continue production of your favorite blends!

Most backorders will be made with our 2014 formula.
Not all backorders will be made with the 2014 formula
since we are switching to our new 2015 formula in a couple
days. The new 2015 formula is better than the 2014 formula.
You will find that the aroma is more potent and longer lasting.

We will start shipping backorders on Thursday the 15th.

UPDATE: Thursday, January 15th

We are currently shipping backorders and working
around the clock to make sure we get caught up
as soon as humanly possible.

 Please be aware that new orders will not get
shipped for a few days while we get caught
up with all the backorders. 

2015 Incense Formula Samples NOW AVAILABLE

1g Fire - $1 + $5 for Priority shipping
Enter Code: 1GFIRE2015

1g Inferno - $2 + $5 for Priority shipping
Enter Code: 1GINFERNO2015

1g Lifted - $3 + $5 for Priority shipping
Enter Code: 1GLIFTED2015

1g each of Fire, Inferno, and Lifted - $5 + $5 for Priority shipping
Enter Code: 3GSAMPLER2015

These samples are listed on our site for $100. Enter the
coupon codes at checkout to receive the $1, $2, $3,
and $5 prices. The coupon codes are 1 time use only.
We did this to prevent scammers from ordering
multiple discounted samples. 

 *Available to all new and returning customers.
Limit of 1 sample deal per person/household.

Beautiful fluffy blends
Beautiful pressed solids